Day 278 – Bzzzz


Bee 1-2


Day 277 – Missed Chance


This grasshopper landed on our window the other night. I grabbed my camera quickly but only managed to snap one shot before he hopped off, completely out of sight. It’s not the bug macro I would normally hope for but maybe I can pass it off as bug art. 😉

Day 240 – Finally Sitting Still


This is a Leaf Hopper nymph. They are tiny, not much bigger than a flea. I not only used my macro (Tamron 60mm), I used extension tubes (to get closer focusing range) and my Kenko 1.4 x teleconverter to get some close up detail that is necessary in macro.

Day 187 – For the Love of Mantis

This little guy resisted my initial attempts to photograph him this evening. My resilience paid off and he eventually posed for a couple of pics. I got some great shots of him cleaning himself as well…pretty intimate moments, I guess he finally felt comfortable with me in his face.

I used extension tubes on my macro lens for his photo shoot, great fun.