Day 277 – Missed Chance


This grasshopper landed on our window the other night. I grabbed my camera quickly but only managed to snap one shot before he hopped off, completely out of sight. It’s not the bug macro I would normally hope for but maybe I can pass it off as bug art. 😉

Day 271 – Haunting


I found her during a quiet walk through a memorial cemetery garden. She was beautiful and haunting, and I’m happy to have been able to capture her graceful stride through the garden that day. I could almost imagine her coming alive after dark, walking through the flowers in her gentle silence, mounting her podium once again before dawn.

Day 269 – Sunrise Tie-dye

“Too bad it’s cloudy”. I heard that more than once as I was out shooting some pre-dawn/sunrise shots. ‘Thank goodness it’s cloudy’ is more how I felt. I love the deep purple/pink and blue tones created by the big dark clouds colliding with the sun’s spilling light.