Day 211 – Plain and Simple

Sometimes I’m in the mood for something plain and simple. It was one of those days.



Day 209 – Moment of Release

It’s been a very blustery couple of days. I just happened to catch this little fuzz fairy before it become part of the bokeh, as it blew far, far away.

Day 207 – Happy Baby

It seems I’ll be getting a lot of portrait practice these next 18 years or so. Our beautiful boy is such a happy little soul. I obviously wasn’t paying attention to the total frame or I would have moved Lara’s mobile phone in the background. This photo would be almost perfect if not for that minor distraction. What can I say, I was a bit distracted by his perfect little face.

Day 206 – Raining

The dogs and I got soaked on our walk this afternoon. I don’t mind the rain, although I would like to have a warm, sunny day so I can bring my boy on the hike too…not keen to take a 10 day old out in the rain :). Oh well, I made the best of it and took some rain drop pics whilst I was out.


Day 188 – Baby Dragon

My 365 project is obviously not going to be finished ‘within’ 365 days, as I’ve had to take days off now and then for other obligations. Mostly work, I hate when that gets in the way. 🙂

Yesterday Tuck brought us 3 different water dragons. This was the baby, barely bigger than my pinky finger. Thankfully, he doesn’t seem to hurt them, just brings them as offering, completely intact. We thank him (so he will drop it) and set the poor dragon free inside the pool fence, ‘the safety zone’. We don’t like that he catches them but at least he’s not killing them. The other 2 were way bigger, Tuck doesn’t discriminate against size it seems.