Day 158 – Nature’s curves

I have really grown to appreciate subtle shapes and textures through this photographic journey. I see so much beauty in things I may have otherwise overlooked. I have many reasons to be grateful…this is only a small one.



Day 145 – A break in the fog

From the mountains in Beechmont, looking out toward the rain forest area of Lamington National Park. Of course it rained off and on the entire day (which is typical in this area) and the fog was so thick, the mountains were usually not visible. I luckily caught a brief lift in the fog and snapped a couple of quick shots.

Day 141 – Peek-a-boo

I was going to attempt to post something other than a bug today but this Mantis is just too beautiful to ignore. I had to spend the evening cleaning up the massive amount of gum leaves and bark (that fall from our forest of trees) and pulling weeds. It’s not a job that I necessarily love but one that makes me feel better after it’s done. The best part about this chore is that I run across heaps of little critters along the way. Unfortunately, they are usually the less desirable kinds…the kind that sting and bite. I get nailed by something almost every time.

This little beauty was a welcome sight. I just love the pink eyes and deep red on the arms. This was a great excuse to take a break!

Day 74 – King George

This is George. He lives with my parents, but was originally rescued by me in the mountains of the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. I found him one day as I was hiking, straight up a tree…he was likely abandoned by an unfit owner. He had the biggest paws and the most striking green eyes I’d ever seen. Of course I had to keep him. I brought George to Kentucky with me to live and as I was carrying him into the house, he got scared and ran off. Despite our best efforts to find him, he disappeared. About six weeks later, as I was driving down the road, several miles from the house, I saw George running through a field. I immediately pulled over and started yelling his name. He came running and meowing straight to me!!! I couldn’t believe it. He was so happy and desperate for affection…

George is now well fed (aka:fat) and happier than he’s ever been. A happy ending.