Day 274 – Smile!


Purdy dug a hole to hide her ball and found this guy buried safely in the dirt. He smiled beautifully for a photo.

Day 188 – Baby Dragon

My 365 project is obviously not going to be finished ‘within’ 365 days, as I’ve had to take days off now and then for other obligations. Mostly work, I hate when that gets in the way. 🙂

Yesterday Tuck brought us 3 different water dragons. This was the baby, barely bigger than my pinky finger. Thankfully, he doesn’t seem to hurt them, just brings them as offering, completely intact. We thank him (so he will drop it) and set the poor dragon free inside the pool fence, ‘the safety zone’. We don’t like that he catches them but at least he’s not killing them. The other 2 were way bigger, Tuck doesn’t discriminate against size it seems.

Day 133 – Inside looking out

A hectic work weekend, unfortunately, has caused me to miss a couple days of posting. No worries though, I’m just going to pick up where I left off.

As I was sitting in the office this evening, getting ready to wrap up a fairly decent day of work, I started watching the geckos that gather on the windows every night to hunt. The light from the office lures moths (like a moth to a flame) hopelessly to the windows, as the geckos are suctioned to the glass, pretending to mind their own business. As soon as an unsuspecting moth flutters too close, BAM, a gecko lunges forward (almost faster than the eye can see) and grabs it. It’s a pretty impressive show to be honest.

I’ve been wanting to photograph (and maybe video) these geckos for awhile now. Tonight I finally decided to do it. This is the back foot of one of these clever little critters…from the other side of the window.