Project Explanation

My 365 Project

I’ve created this as a challenge for myself, to not only gain valuable picture taking practice but also to create a visual journey (of sorts) of my life over the next year. A pic a day, that is my challenge. I would like to create a rule that the pic must actually be taken on that day as well, but this I fear may pose for some extremely random and uninteresting subject matter. Maybe this is the point though…afterall everyday can’t be new and exciting. So let it stand, a new day, a freshly snapped photo, that will be the challenge! That being said, I may have days that are just so exciting I can’t pick just one photo. If I encounter days as such, I will include multiple images. My blog, my rules 😉  Maybe this is where I should include that disclaimer in tiny, fine print that states exceptions to my own rules for certain circumstances (ie, natural disaster, illness, better things to do). But in all good time, for now let’s just see how we go. Now that the rules are understood…

This is my first blogging experience so you may notice minor changes in things along the way. Hopefully this means I’m learning new and improved methods and only tweaking details that make this experience more enjoyable for everyone. That being said…feel free to comment (and by that I mean PLEASE DO) with any criticism, complaints and of course compliments you have. This goes for pictures and blog layout alike. I’m hoping to learn something along the way and the chances of that happening are vastly increased by receiving feedback. I don’t promise to wow you with an amazing photographic experience every single day but I do hope to keep it interesting (for myself included).

PS. The picture in my header is of me, taken by Lara.

Thanks and enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Project Explanation

  1. Cindy……kewl beans to you. I am dong the same sort of photography project. Love the my blog my rules. It does get hard to try and create an images each day. Thank ggoness, my rules are easier on me than yours. Love the raindrop photo, I have been wanting to try that also, but living in the desert does not allow much rain. Keep up the great work. It is fun learning to see again……en theos….jim

  2. I was a skeptic to see photography as an art until I saw your pictures. As browsing your blog has been a paradigm shift experience to me, I’d be happy to follow your blog. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures and the beautiful world to all of us!! 🙂

    And by the way, please consider visiting my blog. I’ve got some poetry and flash fiction for you to read. Hope they entertain you.. 🙂

    Subhan Zein

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