Day 277 – Missed Chance


This grasshopper landed on our window the other night. I grabbed my camera quickly but only managed to snap one shot before he hopped off, completely out of sight. It’s not the bug macro I would normally hope for but maybe I can pass it off as bug art. 😉


Day 102 – Macro and aperture

I love macro. As if it wasn’t obvious with all my bug pics. I’m also very drawn to shallow depths of field created by wide apertures (f2 on my macro lens). A slight adjustment in aperture and distance from subject changes the entire picture.

The grasshopper above danced around the leaf trying to evade me. Despite that, he turned out to be a beautiful model. I used a few different aperture settings as I shot him. The top pic was f5.6 and the bottom two pics were f2, from different distances and angles. The bottom pic is a true 1:1 macro shot.  I realize the shallow depth of field isn’t ideal for all situations, but for pictures like this, I just can’t get enough of it.

I promise to shoot something other than bugs soon. 🙂