Day 273 – Sing With Me


Toby’s other mummy is a piano/singing teacher. He doesn’t seem to mind. 🙂


Day 171 – Raised with wolves

Cheeky grin…like he’s been up to no good….”hmmm, why is your chin wet?”

“I’ll show you Cindy, thank you for leaving this big shiny bowl of water on the floor for me to play with” (as Purdy and Jake look pleasingly on as he bends and drinks from their bowl)

(In case you thought he didn’t get any)

“Yep, I did”…Who could be upset with a face like this…

This is our friends’ gorgeous little boy. Whilst they were over for a short visit, he found himself plenty to do at our house. It seems we have lots of child proofing left to do :). I can’t wait til our own little boy is running around do these exact same types of things.