Day 268 – Racing the Sun


We had a couple of days in Byron Bay this week, to meet up with the family on a short holiday. I got up extra early this morning, in an effort to beat the sun to the beach. I won, it was still a bit dark when I took my first step into the ocean. Such a glorious time of day, not to mention a photographic delight. I spent the next hour(ish) taking advantage of the sun’s steady approach on the horizon.

It was time well spent but now I must rest my weary head.


Day 266 – After the Storm


I really enjoy a quick Queensland storm. We had one today, which means I got to photograph one of my favorite things…raindrops.

Day 206 – Raining

The dogs and I got soaked on our walk this afternoon. I don’t mind the rain, although I would like to have a warm, sunny day so I can bring my boy on the hike too…not keen to take a 10 day old out in the rain :). Oh well, I made the best of it and took some rain drop pics whilst I was out.