Day 273 – Sing With Me


Toby’s other mummy is a piano/singing teacher. He doesn’t seem to mind. πŸ™‚


Day 113 – Not Your Average Family Portrait

I asked Lara before we left Brisbane, “should I bring my tripod?”. Β She responded with “no, it just takes up room and you wont need it for this trip”.

We decided to have some family fun today and invite several of ourselves over for a backyard party. This is the result.

I set the camera up on a mini tripod, propped on a chair. Long story short…I needed my tripod πŸ™‚ Β I know I’ve posted a similar pic to this, but each family deserves their own publication…and more importantly, it’s heaps of fun.

We’ve had a great visit…unfortunately we have to head back to Brissy tomorrow…and even more unfortunately, I have to work. Sigh.



Day 89 – Family Fun

We were out exploring today and ended up at Indian Fort Theater. It’s sad to see how things that I remember as a child end up broken down and forgotten. The weather was beautiful and we had fun walking around the area.
The idea for doing this pic here today was Lara’s. Considering it was completely spontaneous and we didn’t keep track of each other’s locations from snap to snap, it turned out pretty good!
This is the one thing I know how to use CS4 for. This is probably the biggest crowd the old theater has seen in quite some time πŸ˜‰

Day 85 – ‘All in’

A friendly, family game of poker. This is my brother Jesse, pushing chips into the center of the table. It’s pretty traditional for us to play a game or two of poker when we all get together. Tonight, for the first time, our parents actually sat and played with us as well. This meant we had to teach Mom how to play. She loved it, and done pretty well. She will probably be knocking on all our doors at 6 am, chips tallied and cards dealt.
If we smell breakfast cooking at 5:30 am, we’ll know why.

Day 71 – ‘Home for the Holidays’

Mom and Dad picked us up from the airport this afternoon. A great reunion as always.

The family put a sign up for us out front, facing the road. It’s so good to be home.

There is also a full moon tonight, set for a lunar eclipse just before dawn. The west coast will probably be able to see it, unfortunately we are not likely to see it from Kentucky. I will get up and try anyway. I thought I’d post a full moon pic from the Northern Hemisphere. It’s a bit different than the moon on Day 40.

Day 68 – Missing them already

So excited and happy to be flying home for the holidays, and yet so sad to be leaving our beautiful furry family for 4 weeks. It’s amazing how much our animals enrich our lives.
They’ve watched as we’ve pulled the suitcases out of the closet and frantically searched through our drawers and shelves for winter clothes…bending to hug and pat them every chance we get, for we know how much we’ll miss them. Obviously, instead of packing, I’m following them around taking pictures.
We know they’re in good hands and we’ve stocked the basket with lots of toys and heaps of food. By the time we get back, they’ll forgot they missed us at all πŸ™‚ We love you Purdy, Keepa, Jake and Tuck!! See you soon and be good for Jason and Senta while we’re away!!! Please!