Day 154 – Tiny Ghosts

I love these little flowers, they look just like ghosts! This is the only set I can find at the moment, I think they are early and we’ll start to see more as we get further into Autumn. I have yet to identify what they are, so if anyone has any ideas, I’d love to know!

Day 146 – A necessary evil?

Sunset at one of my favorite bushland areas…I purposely shot from this angle to show the power lines in the background. They’ve invaded this natural space, imposing a very bold presence in the cutout area right through the lush greenery. I am thankful for all the modern technology and ease of living we are afforded in this day and age…but I do find myself asking from time to time, at what cost does it come?

Day 64 – Not just another Kermit

This little guy was calling outside our front door last night. It was after midnight (so officially today) and I could hear him from bed, so I jumped up and grabbed the camera. Lucky for me I didn’t have to look very hard, he was perched up in plain sight. He’s a beautiful example of a Graceful Treefrog. They are very small treefrogs (can perch on the tip of your finger). I just love the bright green and yellow.