Day 258 – Blue Skies


Day 167 – A thistle by any other name…is still a thistle

Spear Thistle… also known as Bull Thistle from my neck of the world. It’s not a very attractive weed, but I liked the texture it creates with this shallow depth of field.

Day 142 – Whimsical

Some days I feel more creative than others. I look around and see things in a completely different way.

On my hike today, I barely noticed a single bug. Instead I was consumed with shapes, textures and light. I was in a whimsical mood. I wanted to be artistic and creative.

I intentionally over-exposed this little weed, making the background disappear into light whilst using a shallow depth of field to make the little red fuzzy bits ‘pop’. If I showed you a ‘normal’ photo of this same weed, it probably wouldn’t warrant a second look…and maybe this will not appeal to anyone either. It could just be the mood I’m in, but I love this photo.