Day 198 – Brilliant colors

This water dragon was brilliant. His amazing colors and large stature made him a worthy subject.



Day 188 – Baby Dragon

My 365 project is obviously not going to be finished ‘within’ 365 days, as I’ve had to take days off now and then for other obligations. Mostly work, I hate when that gets in the way. 🙂

Yesterday Tuck brought us 3 different water dragons. This was the baby, barely bigger than my pinky finger. Thankfully, he doesn’t seem to hurt them, just brings them as offering, completely intact. We thank him (so he will drop it) and set the poor dragon free inside the pool fence, ‘the safety zone’. We don’t like that he catches them but at least he’s not killing them. The other 2 were way bigger, Tuck doesn’t discriminate against size it seems.

Day 127 – Newly hatched

This baby water dragon came to visit me as we were sitting outside relaxing. He appears to be freshly hatched. He didn’t attempt any escape from me or my camera and after a few pics, I set him free inside the pool fence. Here’s to hoping he can avoid the beaks and mouths of potential predators, grow into a huge dragon and visit us again soon.

Day 115 – Midnight in the garden of…

It sounded like there was a pool party at our house and someone forgot to invite me. It was midnight-ish and all we could hear were the delightful sounds of tree frogs, as they groaned out their mating calls to one another. I love when the bush comes alive after a good rain!

I took my tiny flashlight outside to track some of the little critters I could hear happily chatting away. I’m so happy I did. There was even more going on then I ever imagined. It was pitch black, so I had to rely on my tiny flashlight, a bit of luck with my focusing depth and my speedlight. I could have spent hours, crawling around in the weeds and on the edge of the pool. I spent about 30 minutes, only stopping because not only was it too late for me to be awake (I’m getting older), but I almost put my hand on a huge huntsman.

I saw so many cool things. The large stick insect, tiny tree frogs inflating themselves, mating frogs in our pool(!), a baby water dragon sleeping in a tree, a huge tree frog (not pictured above), and spiders, to include one very large huntsman (also not pictured above).

I went to bed feeling pretty lucky.


Day 97 – Swimming with Dragons

We went for a swim today after coming back from a play at the park with the dogs. It’s about 38 degrees here today, so swimming is almost the only outdoor activity that is bearable in this heat. For my American friends and family, 38 celcius is 100 farenheit.

While we were swimming, Jake was water dragon hunting. He has this uncanny ability to sniff them out. He ended up treeing this poor water dragon not long after we got into the pool. Jake then decided it was too hot to sit and wait for the water dragon to fall or climb down, so he puttered off, in search of shade. In the meantime, Tuck had sauntered outside and decided to join in the fun. Unfortunately for that water dragon, Tuck the Cat can climb trees AND happens to have a really good sniffer for dragons as well. Tuck was immediately on the trail. Thankfully, the water dragon was very aware of Tuck’s presence and quickly scurried out of the tree and ran on his two back legs, straight into the pool with us. We were very relieved and didn’t mind sharing the pool with him at all. He sat on the bottom of the pool for the rest of our swim.

I used the Pentax W90 to take this pic. It’s a water proof, dust proof and shock proof (can be dropped from so many feet without damage) point and shoot that we bought last year. Unfortunately I had played with it when some friends were over for a swim last month and didn’t charge the battery after. This was the one and only shot I got before the battery completely died.

Day 65 – A gift from Tuck

Tuck brought a little surprise into the house for us today. Thankfully, the water dragon didn’t appear to be seriously injured. I carried him out to the pool area, where he hid under some floaties until regaining his composure. He came out again a short time later and offered thanks to me for saving his life by posing for a picture.