Day 274 – Smile!


Purdy dug a hole to hide her ball and found this guy buried safely in the dirt. He smiled beautifully for a photo.


Day 83 – ‘Say fish food’

Why do people wait until the last minute to do their Christmas shopping? We went to Lexington to do our shopping today and I bet there are less people roaming around in the inner most circles of hell. Although, at times, I felt like that may be where we were. At least we have an excuse for being out in that madness, we had to fly from Aus…making it a bit hard to bring presents.

We ate dunch (dinner/lunch in one meal) at Cheddars. They have a huge fish tank with lots of big gold fish and other various little things. There is no fish on the menu, so I am content in the fact that they were all pets. Maybe that’s why this guy was so happy. Not only did he swim over to pose for a pic, he actually smiled.