Day 248 – Moo-ving Forward


My 365 project will definitely run long, but I’m determined to finish it. Now that Toby is getting a little bigger, I can take him on explorations with me, so I’m hoping to get back into frequent photo adventures soon. Here is one from our evening adventure.


Day 221 – A Bird in the Wind

I love birds. I love watching them, I love photographing them. The birds in Australia are amazing and I have spent countless hours learning about them and photographing them. Whilst today’s photo isn’t one that I would consider to be a ‘keeper’ for my birding catalog, I am fond of it for entirely different reasons. I like the little wren’s pose and the wispy grasses that were blowing in the wind all around her. There are a few things I could have done to improve this shot, both in camera and processing…but sometimes I just want to keep it simple.