Day 226 – Fun Decor


I didn’t have heaps of time today but I came up with this idea over the weekend and wanted to give it a quick try. Lara thought I was crazy when I kept taking pictures of only one corner of Toby’s face, but I had a vision. If I pulled it off, I thought it would be a cool picture for his wall. I have some tweaking to do and may want to play around with the colors (so it matches his room of course) but I think the concept is solid… or maybe I’m delirious from the lack of sleep these last 8 weeks. 🙂


Day 218 – Say Cheese

Our beautiful boy is starting to smile and laugh a lot…especially just after he wakes up from a good snooze. After an incredibly long and intense week, I couldn’t think of a better way to wake up.

Day 207 – Happy Baby

It seems I’ll be getting a lot of portrait practice these next 18 years or so. Our beautiful boy is such a happy little soul. I obviously wasn’t paying attention to the total frame or I would have moved Lara’s mobile phone in the background. This photo would be almost perfect if not for that minor distraction. What can I say, I was a bit distracted by his perfect little face.

Day 205 – My Baby!!

Some of you may have noticed I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus this last week and a half…well, for good reason. My son was born last Tuesday evening and it seems babies require lots of love and attention, so I’ve been a bit distracted. So this is his official blog introduction, meet Toby Edward McCauley, my latest and most favorite hobby yet!! Believe me, between the family and I, we’ve taken hundreds if not thousands of pictures, just haven’t had time to do much else with them. Hopefully my blog will get back on track with some sort of consistency soon though…it may just include more baby pictures than usual 😉

Day 201 – Ready to Pop

Lara, waiting on me (as always) after our ‘usual’ meal at our favorite little spot in Chinatown. Not to state the obvious (it’s not just the big meal we ate), but our son is due any day now. We couldn’t be more excited, as we’ve had our fair share of trials and tribulations to get to this point.

I know this shot is so over exposed that it’s completely blown out in every pixel, but there is something about that effect that I just love. I actually took another photo just after, with correct exposure but this is still the one I prefer.


Day 194 – Another Pet’s Portrait

Our beautiful ‘Purdy’ girl. She is such an amazing dog and can get away with absolutely everything in our household. Not that she’s bad of course, but she does have a habit of sneaking on to the bed when nobody’s looking…and the couch, and the other couch, and the guest bed. Apparently, only dogs sleep on the floor?!?!?