Day 179 – Paw licking good…

In this house, we recycle. Before throwing something in the recycle bin we like to rinse it out really well. Purdy occasionally likes to help out with this task, especially when it comes to peanut butter. She licked it clean, and it was so good, she had her eyes closed through most of it.



Day 112 – Happy Australia Day

Today we celebrated Australia Day with Lara’s family. It was a really nice day. Great food, friends and family…a few drinks, games and playing with the dogs (Alfie and Ollie, the above is Alfie).

A day well spent.

Day 105 – She only looks psycho

Purdy hurt her back leg today…we’re absolutely clueless how she did it, but she’s limping now. She went to the park this morning, had her usual game of fetch, then came home…perfectly healthy. After a mid morning nap, she woke up hobbling.

Now…because she is such a ball player, I had a hard time keeping her calm this evening at our normal ‘ball playing time’. She stared at me. She barked at me. She stared some more. She rested her head in my lap. All the time just begging for me to get up and get her ball. As a truce, I decided to play a game of ‘no running catch’…in the house. She loved it all the same and I used the opportunity as a bit of an ‘up close game of catch’ photo op.

She looks a bit scary when she comes after her ball…but she’s as gentle as they come. My sweet girl, Purdy.

Day 95 – Horsing around

Being back in Australia, with the sunshine, has elevated my energy levels again. We were up this morning by 5 am. After a bowl of weet-bix, we loaded the dogs up and went to our favorite little bush walking spot down the road. It’s actually not very sunny today and it did start sprinkling on us before we completed our circuit walk, but the birds singing and bugs buzzing made it impossible for it to damper my spirit.

I drove the ‘long’ (an extra 2 kms 😉 ) way home and passed these beautiful horses, just hanging out in their pasture. These guys are actually police officers, belonging to the Queensland Mounted Police. They have a training unit here in Moggill. I got out to snap some pics and they all ran over to greet me. It took me by surprise at first and I took a few steps back…after catching my breath I realized they just wanted a pat on the snout, and they were more than happy to pose for some pics to express their gratitude.

I apologize for the abundance of horse pics today, but I found it impossible to pick my favorite. These beautiful creatures all deserve a cameo in my opinion.

Day 91 – Happy New Year

It’s New Years Eve and we’ll be celebrating much the same way as we did on Christmas Eve…except without the presents. I’m sure there will be plenty of ‘great’ photo ops later, but I may not be able to aim and focus as accurately as I usually can…simply because I’m tired from staying up so late of course. 😉
So with that in mind, I offer this mini horse portrait…and now I’m off to start my evening.
Happy New Years ya’ll…

Day 83 – ‘Say fish food’

Why do people wait until the last minute to do their Christmas shopping? We went to Lexington to do our shopping today and I bet there are less people roaming around in the inner most circles of hell. Although, at times, I felt like that may be where we were. At least we have an excuse for being out in that madness, we had to fly from Aus…making it a bit hard to bring presents.

We ate dunch (dinner/lunch in one meal) at Cheddars. They have a huge fish tank with lots of big gold fish and other various little things. There is no fish on the menu, so I am content in the fact that they were all pets. Maybe that’s why this guy was so happy. Not only did he swim over to pose for a pic, he actually smiled.