Day 213 – Just Kickin’ It

Just practicing the out of bounds effect again. I also added a bit of grain to the pic, just for the heck of it.

Dedicated to my beautiful partner and my baby boy who I miss desperately when I’m at work…



Day 133 – Inside looking out

A hectic work weekend, unfortunately, has caused me to miss a couple days of posting. No worries though, I’m just going to pick up where I left off.

As I was sitting in the office this evening, getting ready to wrap up a fairly decent day of work, I started watching the geckos that gather on the windows every night to hunt. The light from the office lures moths (like a moth to a flame) hopelessly to the windows, as the geckos are suctioned to the glass, pretending to mind their own business. As soon as an unsuspecting moth flutters too close, BAM, a gecko lunges forward (almost faster than the eye can see) and grabs it. It’s a pretty impressive show to be honest.

I’ve been wanting to photograph (and maybe video) these geckos for awhile now. Tonight I finally decided to do it. This is the back foot of one of these clever little critters…from the other side of the window.



Day 96 – Footprint

I happened upon this footprint as I was on a short walk after work. Returning to work after a holiday is not always the easiest thing to do…especially when suffering from a minor case of jetlag. I was feeling very unmotivated and just a bit annoyed from the normal stress of work. Somedays I can envision a photo out of almost anything and get very excited at the prospect of snapping a really cool pic. Today just wasn’t one of those days. I actually didn’t see anything I wanted to take a picture of.

I walked right over top of this footprint without a second thought…at first. It’s almost like it took a couple of seconds to register in my brain what I had just seen. Now, I’m not saying there is anything spectacular about a footprint branded into concrete, for me it’s more about the timing. I just didn’t expect it. I stopped walking and took two steps back for a closer look…and in that moment, I took my one and only photo for the day. At first glance it may look like a footprint carved into the wet sand, by someone who was having a relaxing stroll on the beach. It is, however, a lonely footprint left in a concrete sidewalk…and my mind drifts off, creating stories of how and why someone left only one print at this particular spot in the sidewalk.