Day 256 – Could have been…


Purdy’s ball, lonely and flat on the driveway.

I pulled two paralysis ticks off Purdy yesterday. She has not suffered any ill effects as of yet but we are watching her closely to be on the safe side. As a result, we are keeping her activities for the next couple of days restricted.

She begged me to play ball with her today. I threw it a few times for her but made her stop way short of our normal game of fetch. She may not understand why her ball is laying on the driveway, flat and unused for the next couple of days but I’ll make it up to her. Until then, her and Jake can accompany me outside for some mild walking and photo ops.

Day 244 – One Handed Photography


Being a new parent comes with lots of challenges…like finding ways to incorporate my hobbies into the daily routine. One way for me to do this is to take my camera on our afternoon walk. Today I practiced walking the dogs in one hand and taking pictures with the other. This was a result of that practice.

Day 216 – Lovin the River

All my time recently has been ‘family time’ and therefore I have rarely snapped a photo involving anything else. I’m not complaining, after all, these precious moments will pass before I know it and I’ll be happy to have such visual keepsakes. I’ll be back out on photo adventures soon I’m sure.

Day 214 – The Guardian

Being avid pet owners, we knew the addition of our beautiful boy into the family would not only impact us but our fur babies as well. Some people even said that having baby would change the way we felt about our pets…it hasn’t. We give our four legged babies as much attention as ever and are mindful to make them feel part of the family at all times. We hope that Toby grows up loving animals as much as we both do.One of the most common questions we field as new parents is “What do your dogs think about the baby?”. As we knew they would, they love him. Jake in particular has taken on a role of guardian and protector of Toby. If Toby so much as makes a peep during a nap, Jake will lick his foot or the back of his head to comfort him. Since babies respond so well to touch, it often helps and soothes him back to sleep. We’ve joked that Jake is officially Toby’s first babysitter. Jake also likes to keep watch over him in the big, bad outside world as well. He happily stands guard by the pram for an entire outing. The top pic was taken after a walk to the park. I parked the pram and walked away for a bit to see what Jake would do…he stood right beside it the entire time before finally giving a quick sniff inside and laying down in front…never leaving his side, despite the fact that I was off, pretending to not be watching. The keen instinct in animals never ceases to amaze me, so beautiful.