Day 247 – Bird on A Wire


Willie Wagtail


Nothing Wrong With Being Common


I don’t think Common Bronzewings tend to get much appreciation, as they are a species of pigeon. I’m actually quite fond of them and appreciate the fact that they are happy to clean up the mess left on the ground from the messy parrots that drop seed everywhere.

Day 221 – A Bird in the Wind

I love birds. I love watching them, I love photographing them. The birds in Australia are amazing and I have spent countless hours learning about them and photographing them. Whilst today’s photo isn’t one that I would consider to be a ‘keeper’ for my birding catalog, I am fond of it for entirely different reasons. I like the little wren’s pose and the wispy grasses that were blowing in the wind all around her. There are a few things I could have done to improve this shot, both in camera and processing…but sometimes I just want to keep it simple.


Day 196 – Our Wake Up Call

I am so appreciative for many things in my life.

Every morning we are visited by this Cockatoo and his mate. We call them ‘The Henrys’. Yes, we name everything. Each morning, usually around 7 am, they fly down to the rafters, looking into our windows until they locate us. Sometimes we’re still in bed and they have no qualms about coming to our bedroom window to wake us. Once they locate us, they ‘chat’ politely, asking for breakfast. We happily hop up to take them a cup of seed and have a chat.

I know they appreciate us, but I wonder if they know how much we appreciate them…