Day 275 – Grevelia



Nothing Wrong With Being Common


I don’t think Common Bronzewings tend to get much appreciation, as they are a species of pigeon. I’m actually quite fond of them and appreciate the fact that they are happy to clean up the mess left on the ground from the messy parrots that drop seed everywhere.

Day 153 – Aussie Pubs

One of the first things I ever noticed about Australia was the amount of pubs. Even the tiniest of towns, population double digits, will have at least one pub…sometimes more! Having traveled around the country, I’ve seen quite a few of them personally 🙂 I only wish I had a DSLR a few years ago. I have photographed several of my favorites, should start a collection of them. The thing I love the most about these establishments is the old fashioned authenticity they have maintained over the years. It’s as if time has stood still…and the stories they hold, just as amazing. In our travels, we heard many tales from the patrons of these old pubs.

Pubs aren’t only places you go for a cold beer either. They also serve a decent plate of food. It’s always the cheapest place to stop for a Chicken Parma and hot chips! As a matter of fact, it’s often the only place to eat in country towns.

We drive by these two pubs frequently, but today was the first time I’ve photographed them. Just a couple more for the collection.

Day 128 – Indecision

I suppose there are days when even a ‘real’ photographer isn’t happy with his/her photos. Today was a bit like that for me, feeling a bit underwhelmed by my photos. As a matter of fact, I really disliked this particular picture initially. I like the sky, it has that ‘moment right before a storm’ feel, as the clouds rolled in dark and fast. The rest is just a bit blah to me. The water is a murky brown, and the greenery seems ordinary.

I have finally decided there is something else about this photo that appeals to me. I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but it has something to do with the sky, trees and water creating three horizontal layers (this probably constitutes the rule of thirds).

Even though I’m not exactly sure why…I’m starting to like this photo a little more.

Day 127 – Newly hatched

This baby water dragon came to visit me as we were sitting outside relaxing. He appears to be freshly hatched. He didn’t attempt any escape from me or my camera and after a few pics, I set him free inside the pool fence. Here’s to hoping he can avoid the beaks and mouths of potential predators, grow into a huge dragon and visit us again soon.