Day 206 – Raining

The dogs and I got soaked on our walk this afternoon. I don’t mind the rain, although I would like to have a warm, sunny day so I can bring my boy on the hike too…not keen to take a 10 day old out in the rain :). Oh well, I made the best of it and took some rain drop pics whilst I was out.



Day 132 – Bug Art

1. Original – as shot

2. Desaturated green and yellow

3. Decreased exposure with blue color temp

I ordered a new flashlight last week and finally received it in the mail yesterday. It’s a Fenix TK35 and it’s awesome! I wanted something that was compact, rugged and could act as a spotlight…and this little baby does it all. I just love gadgets. We took a night bushwalk with the dogs last night to test it out and it exceeded my expectations. I’ll blog more about it on another day though.

The purpose of tonight’s photos is a bit of an experiment. This little mantid pulled the coolest pose for me tonight and I knew right away that I didn’t want just an average bug shot this evening. I lined up carefully to get my composition right, used an aperture of 3.5 to get the depth of field I wanted, then turned off my flashlight so the flash (Canon 430ex) on my camera could do it’s thing…holding my breath and praying he didn’t move, I snapped the pic. I’m very happy with how it turned out. It’s just what I was in the mood for tonight, something a bit quirky.

Now, here’s where the experiment comes in. In an effort to add even more artistic appeal to the photo I desaturated the green and yellow from it, exposing those brilliant red eyes. I then asked Lara which she liked best, the original or the altered. I knew what she would say, she prefers color to black and white. She picked the original but I actually preferred the desaturated photo for some reason. I then processed one with the exposure decreased and the temperature cooled, and really liked it as well…reminds me of an alien.

I present to you, bug, for the sake of art. 🙂

So, my question is, which do you prefer?

P.S. – The bug yesterday was a Clown Bug and those were her original colors…they come in all sorts of brilliant colors and can omit a bad smell if threatened. Sort of like what we call ‘stink bugs’ in the States I guess.

Day 114 – Blown out

I’m ‘bending’ my blog rules slightly today. I actually took this picture yesterday, whilst on a morning walk in Melbourne. Since I got off the plane and pretty much came straight to work, I didn’t have time to do anything new today. Poor me.

Anyway, I was going through some pics on the plane (before my battery died) and I saw this one…and immediately liked it. Usually I like crisp, high contrast pics, but something about this one really appeals to me. I shot this entryway, directly into the sun. I really like the way the sun rays created a natural bokeh out of the purple flowers, blurring their color through the entire photo.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…anyone else like this photo?

Day 108 – A Splash of Color

We were out for an evening bush walk with the dogs after the rains. We passed through this patch of wispy weeds with the little purple flowers splashed in between. It was Lara’s idea to get a picture here. I only had my macro lens with me, so I knelt down and framed the best 60mm patch I could. I front focused on the front line of weeds, leaving the splashes of color a bit abstract in the background.

Day 98 – Mantis abstract

After successfully finishing my first work week back, I can honestly say…I’m exhausted. I don’t think I’ve given myself time to be tired yet and now I can…and will.

I can’t wait to get up early and spend a full morning ‘bugging’ again. After a brief walk around the property today, I found this little guy clinging to the side of a large gum tree. I love the shallow depth of field on this shot. It’s a bit ‘alien-ish’ and abstract.