Day 250 – My Little Man


He’s practically growing right before our eyes.


Day 242 – 12 Weeks Old


Toby turned 12 weeks old today. He seems to be getting more beautiful everyday…if it’s even possible. Maybe all parents think the same thing about their babies but we believe he’s the cutest baby ever.

Day 179 – Paw licking good…

In this house, we recycle. Before throwing something in the recycle bin we like to rinse it out really well. Purdy occasionally likes to help out with this task, especially when it comes to peanut butter. She licked it clean, and it was so good, she had her eyes closed through most of it.


Day 178 – Dedication

A little boy setting up his fishing pole as the sun comes up. The only other people out (other than his father…and me) were surfers (you can see their little heads just beyond the surf). Maybe if we lived on the beach, I’d be up every morning before sunrise…probably not!