Day 248 – Moo-ving Forward


My 365 project will definitely run long, but I’m determined to finish it. Now that Toby is getting a little bigger, I can take him on explorations with me, so I’m hoping to get back into frequent photo adventures soon. Here is one from our evening adventure.


Nothing Wrong With Being Common


I don’t think Common Bronzewings tend to get much appreciation, as they are a species of pigeon. I’m actually quite fond of them and appreciate the fact that they are happy to clean up the mess left on the ground from the messy parrots that drop seed everywhere.

Day 196 – Our Wake Up Call

I am so appreciative for many things in my life.

Every morning we are visited by this Cockatoo and his mate. We call them ‘The Henrys’. Yes, we name everything. Each morning, usually around 7 am, they fly down to the rafters, looking into our windows until they locate us. Sometimes we’re still in bed and they have no qualms about coming to our bedroom window to wake us. Once they locate us, they ‘chat’ politely, asking for breakfast. We happily hop up to take them a cup of seed and have a chat.

I know they appreciate us, but I wonder if they know how much we appreciate them…

Day 194 – Another Pet’s Portrait

Our beautiful ‘Purdy’ girl. She is such an amazing dog and can get away with absolutely everything in our household. Not that she’s bad of course, but she does have a habit of sneaking on to the bed when nobody’s looking…and the couch, and the other couch, and the guest bed. Apparently, only dogs sleep on the floor?!?!?