Day 225 – On Canvas

This may be over processed for some but I’ve been trying really hard to tap in to my creative side the last couple of weeks. I took a slightly over exposed photo of a tree by the ocean. The layers of color were magnificent, the blue of the sky up top that fades as it descends and the strip of the blue again on the bottom from the ocean was appealing to my eye. During processing I added a diffused filter and some banding to create the final result. I printed this out on a small piece of canvas and it looks fantastic, so I am happy with my end result.


2 thoughts on “Day 225 – On Canvas

  1. While your image might not to be to everyone’s taste, remembering that there are a lot of traditional photographers that only want to see traditional photographs, it is your work and you are the first person your work should please. that said I know how important it is to get positive feedback, so to that end I will add my praise, I love the image, very creative, great composition, I think the lines of color and texture in the sky are a great contrast to the tree and provide balance. wonderful.

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