Day 196 – Our Wake Up Call

I am so appreciative for many things in my life.

Every morning we are visited by this Cockatoo and his mate. We call them ‘The Henrys’. Yes, we name everything. Each morning, usually around 7 am, they fly down to the rafters, looking into our windows until they locate us. Sometimes we’re still in bed and they have no qualms about coming to our bedroom window to wake us. Once they locate us, they ‘chat’ politely, asking for breakfast. We happily hop up to take them a cup of seed and have a chat.

I know they appreciate us, but I wonder if they know how much we appreciate them…


8 thoughts on “Day 196 – Our Wake Up Call

  1. Fantastic composition! Love the story, too, but I must say, I’m so glad the critters in my yard are happy to wait for whenever I get out to feed them! If word got out that “humans can be trained” we’ve never get any rest! πŸ™‚

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