Day 195 – Ssssssssssssnake

Posting a photo a day definitely can lead to some content monotony I’m afraid. Or at least I’ve felt like that over the last couple of weeks. Maybe it’s because I’ve been a bit preoccupied with preparation of my baby’s arrival and haven’t had as much time to get out and about, deep into the bush like usual. Timing is ironic sometimes. This is actually the time of year when snakes start becoming more scarce.

I have been acutely aware and extremely cautious of snakes on all of my bush adventures through the summer…all the while, secretly hoping for an opportunity to photograph one. I have a field guide on stand by and as a majority of Australian snakes are highly venomous, (the most deadly in the world) I would never do anything stupid just for a photo. As it turns out, I had the joy of encountering this Common Tree Snake (I checked the field guide to make sure…twice) today. I had a blast photographing him, even though he was less than cooperative and a teeny bit cranky. He did strike at me several times and hit the lens more than once, but he was rather small and not a danger in any way. He eventually settled down once he realized I was harmless as well.

I like to try and photograph ‘scary’ things in a way that people can appreciate and hopefully find beauty in. I played around with different angles, lighting and depth of field to hopefully achieve a few photos that even the most squeamish can enjoy (I actually have around 70 ‘keepers’ from this session!!!!)


14 thoughts on “Day 195 – Ssssssssssssnake

  1. These are fabulous images, as always, you take some sensational shots of wildlife, and these here are brilliant. Added to this, you have to be congratulated on your bravery, I’m not sure I’d have the same courage as yourself, Cindy. Well done, and thank you again for sharing your wonderful shots.
    PS A new baby??? WOW, this is exciting, keep us updated…..but more than anything else, keep safe please.

  2. Oh my dear Cindy, what amazing shots… Bravo, you are so brave and also captured so nice photographs too.. I just admire you now… If I were you, I was in panic and screaming probably 🙂
    BUT please be careful always, take it seriously… I know because of myself, with camera we can forget everything… Thank you, have a nice and enjoyable day, with my love, nia

  3. I went without eating for way too long yesterday, feeling like I was making a “sacrifice for the art.” You put me to shame! Wonderful photos. I can’t believe the first one…with forked tongue and “angry” eye, I’m totally creeped out (in a fun way).

  4. These are some of your best pics imho,!!..I would like to copy top one..I may just print it out. The other three are cool, too, and look good displayed together like the pictures you take in a beach photo booth. Nice work.

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