Day 189 – Beware of Sharks, and I can prove why

I took the photo of the sign last week at Colleges Crossing, a nice spot on the Brisbane River close to where we live. This is a popular swimming and fishing spot for locals and weekends are usually busy with kids swimming and playing in the water. The sign (damaged by the floods) is one of many that are advising swimmers of sharks in the area. That’s right, despite the fact that we are a good 35 kms (roughly) inland, bull sharks inhabit these waters. Bull Sharks are known to be seriously dangerous and extremely aggressive and can live in water that is less than 50% saltwater. They grow to about 3.5 meters (11.5 feet) and are considered by many experts to be the most dangerous sharks in the world, along with their cousins the Great White and Tiger Shark.

This evening I went on a hike about 4.5 kms upstream from Colleges Crossing, near the Mount Crosby Weir. I was on a mission to photograph birds of prey and instead photographed a totally different predator. Unfortunately, I had my wide angle attached at the time, as I was taking a few landscape shots when this baby bull shark swam to the edge of the water where I kneeling. He was about a meter long and I could barely believe my eyes. I quickly snapped a couple of photos from the hip, so I could prove to everyone I saw one!! The sad part is I was only shooting at 10mm, but at least I caught him!! I’m stoked to have seen this and even more stoked that I can prove it. I’ve cropped the photo and outlined the shark to make it easier to see. I ran into the water to get a closer shot, but he swam off of course. It was pure excitement and only resulted in my shoes getting wet. 🙂  I hiked back to my truck with wet shoes, but smiled the entire way.


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