Day 175 – Game Day!!

We were in the nose bleed section…thank goodness I brought my big Sigma. Found out after I was there that you aren’t supposed to bring in lenses over 200mm. I don’t understand why that matters, as if my pictures from nose bleed were gonna compete with the pros on the field with the Canon L glass…in any case I took some sneaky photos with it anyway. Pretty happy with how they turned out, considering it was a late night game AND I was trying to be very discreet. Although, we were the second to last row from the top, I’m sure nobody cared.

We got killed. To bad the game didn’t end after the first quarter, we would have won.


6 thoughts on “Day 175 – Game Day!!

  1. Excuse me….who did you say won? Did you say THE MIGHTY BLUES??? Woohoo….sorry about that LARS…however GREAT SHOTS Cindy….especially of the BLUE jumpers! Yay yay yay….sorry again Lar…maybe Ooobi will be baracking for the Blues after all? He has a little jumper and hat coming….I should choose I think!

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