Day 157 – Don’t hate me cuz I’m hairy

Do you know those days when you get really excited about a photo…when you can barely wait to come inside and upload it to the computer? I had a moment like that today.

I was in the bookstore today and picked up the Andrew Zuckerman book, Creature. His animal photos are absolutely amazing. There are no distracting backgrounds, just the ‘creature’. I have to admit, it inspired me. What better way to show appreciation for your photo subject and build public interest for conservation as well.

Although I may never be as good as some of these professional photographers, I can strive to produce images that evoke emotion and raise appreciation for things that are otherwise considered ‘bad’ or ‘ugly’. Hence the reason I love macro and bug photography. I love showing the beauty in all things, big and small…even though most people would never consider a bug beautiful.

I took the photo today with extension tubes attached to my 60mm macro lens…allowing me to get really close to my subject. As a matter of fact, he kept jumping on my lens. He is a jumping spider after all. That’s one of the biggest challenges in macro, getting your subject to be still and ‘pose’. Don’t be too alarmed by his large appearance, he’s quite small in reality. He’s not actually a huge, hairy tarantula like he appears to be.


12 thoughts on “Day 157 – Don’t hate me cuz I’m hairy

  1. You are amazing… he tried to jump your lens… 🙂 and of course to see him bigger than his normal size in camera… oh, no I can’t do this. Bravo dear Cindy, you captured so nicely and he looks at you, and at me now 🙂 Oh my God. And hairy! You are amazing. Thanks and Love, have a nice weekend, nia

  2. Hey Bud!!! You are getting incredible detail with your macro work. This guy is bugeautiful!!! Put all the pics where the critters are mugging’ for the camera together in one collection–I would buy it!!
    Love ya!!!! Love to girl. Message me an oobie update.

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