Day 155 – Mirror, mirror on the…

I’m not usually one to ‘stage’ my nature shots. I did buy some mirror tiles to start some photographic experimentation though. As luck would have it, I didn’t even have to do much to get tonight’s photos. This tiny jumping spider (they are VERY small, regardless of how they look in the pic) was on the kitchen bench this evening. I was getting ready to pick him up and take him outside (he’s so small, I’m not afraid to touch him) when I remembered the mirrors. I put a mirror tile on the kitchen bench and encouraged him to hop on it. I took some really cool shots. I chose to use these two for different reasons. The top pic has two full reflections, with the focus on the middle reflection…the actual spider itself is slightly out of focus. The bottom pic is a full frontal, displaying those big bright eyes. Both pics also have reflections from the red kitchen tiles to create a bit of color.

I can’t wait to play around with the mirrors again. I’ve already got a few ideas I want to try soon!



13 thoughts on “Day 155 – Mirror, mirror on the…

  1. Oh dear Cindy you are amazing… You encouraged him to hop on the mirror tile… You made me smile. BUT of course it was worthy you captured so nice photographs… Sounds so exciting this mirror tile projects… It is interesting today I was thinking to take some pictures with mirror but I don’t have a nice model as yours šŸ™‚ Mine are wooden pieces… But you inspired me now. Thank you dear Cindy, you are so creative. With my love, nia

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