Day 149 – Can you match this work ethic?

Today was a very cool day.

I took the above series of photos on my bush walk this evening. Most Australians have seen an Australian Brush-turkey (known as a “scrubby”) at some point, as they are quite common. I had the pleasure of watching this one working tirelessly, building his massive nest. There was an entire area already cleared of leaves, as if someone had raked. The nest was already pretty large and judging by his work ethic would soon reach the 1.5 meter high and 4 meter long range. Unfortunately, I only had my macro lens with me, so I had to get into ninja mode and stealthily sneak around, stalking him.

The cool part…

I noticed tonight was a full moon, so I decided to go down to a spot by the river and get a few shots. I was snapping away when I heard the distinctive, guttural mating call of a koala!! I knew immediately what it was and it was close. If you’ve never heard it, look it up, it’s very loud! There are not many thought to be left in our area, or in Australia at all for that matter. I wasn’t able to locate him tonight, but I’ll be sure to check tomorrow during the daylight hours to see if I can spot him. We actually found a couple in that area last year before the floods, so this is such a good sign.



4 thoughts on “Day 149 – Can you match this work ethic?

  1. That’s very impressive! Love his hard work…could use him on the job with me this fall. Nature,and it’s inhabitant’s are so fun to watch through the eye of your lens and your awesome stalking abilities. You have such a keen sense for it all…love following your adventures! Thanks for including us…

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