Day 147 – Minimalist

In an attempt to do something a bit different (apparently feeling creative today) I decided to break the rules a bit when I took these pictures. I drew inspiration from the terribly overcast weather and lack of interesting bird life at the wetlands on my way home from work. I shot straight into the filtered sunlight (very cloudy), mid-day, at ISO 1600, drastically over-exposing the shot. Since I was shooting a white bird, he virtually disappeared into the white of the light, except for his beak, eye, wing and legs.

These are not shots I’d use for my identification catalog, but I do like them for what they are, experimental creativity. Just another part of my journey…and an attempt to combine nature with photography in a way that will hopefully appeal to the masses.


13 thoughts on “Day 147 – Minimalist

  1. You are amazing…. At first I didn’t see it well, but then yes, I saw it. How our eyes get used to for easy things… I loved what you did here…. I loved. And I dreamed these photographs hanging on the walls…. But big size, very big size… (I hope I use the exact word for this) this is outstanding, so beautiful… (but maybe to be played with the edges of the bird a little bit more too…) Thank you dear Cindy, I love your creative works and ideas… With my love, nia

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