Day 146 – A necessary evil?

Sunset at one of my favorite bushland areas…I purposely shot from this angle to show the power lines in the background. They’ve invaded this natural space, imposing a very bold presence in the cutout area right through the lush greenery. I am thankful for all the modern technology and ease of living we are afforded in this day and age…but I do find myself asking from time to time, at what cost does it come?


7 thoughts on “Day 146 – A necessary evil?

  1. Beautiful shot of the sunset!!! Love the colors behind the switch grass. Power lines have always been intrusive to me. I know it’s necessary, but I always hate to see a beautiful tree butchered in order to clear the power lines. On the other hand, people should think about that before they plant a large tree right under them!

  2. Yes this is a beautiful photograph! I have been sitting here for the last 10 minutes pondering your question and I cannot come up with an answer. I know there is non economic cost of owning smartphones and televisions in regards to communication and how family time is spent now a days. But then I think maybe the cost does not out weigh the benefits? I don’t know but your post definitely has me thinking!

  3. what a beautiful shot. In areas where the power lines are hidden underground, i guess we don’t have pause to reflect as much as if we saw them daily. You have so much greenery all around, which is wonderful in itself.

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