Day 139 – Simplicity

One of the things I really enjoy about macro is the ability to focus solely on my subject. This shot was taken in the morning, whilst it was perfectly light and bright outside. I used my speedlight (as I usually do with macro) to ensure I could capture the correct exposure with my current aperture and shutter speed settings. Even though I was in the middle of the bush, surrounded by greenery and foliage, my background is completely black. This isn’t just because I framed the shot this way, but also because my fast shutter speed doesn’t allow proper time for anything outside of my subject matter to be exposed. I personally find the results of this technique to produce very appealing macro shots.

This is more of a close up, than a macro…but this simple shot of a mosquito appeals to me for entirely different reasons.


6 thoughts on “Day 139 – Simplicity

  1. Mosquito looks so big in this shot. Love the way you can block out all background with your camera. That is usually what bothers me the most, when I take pictures.
    Undesirable backgrounds can ruin the whole picture. My eye always see to go there.
    Sorry I missed your call, will try to catch you early this week. Love ya!

  2. awesome shot (again!) Now, as an Aussie, I understand the problemo with mozzies during the summer, though this image is so endearing. He even looks like a hunchback mozzie. I like this composition alot!

    • Thanks Marina! You can imagine how bad the mozzies have been, with all the rain. Thankfully, I’m not effected by them very much (let’s hope I didn’t jinx myself into a case of ross river fever for saying that) :0

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