Day 132 – Bug Art

1. Original – as shot

2. Desaturated green and yellow

3. Decreased exposure with blue color temp

I ordered a new flashlight last week and finally received it in the mail yesterday. It’s a Fenix TK35 and it’s awesome! I wanted something that was compact, rugged and could act as a spotlight…and this little baby does it all. I just love gadgets. We took a night bushwalk with the dogs last night to test it out and it exceeded my expectations. I’ll blog more about it on another day though.

The purpose of tonight’s photos is a bit of an experiment. This little mantid pulled the coolest pose for me tonight and I knew right away that I didn’t want just an average bug shot this evening. I lined up carefully to get my composition right, used an aperture of 3.5 to get the depth of field I wanted, then turned off my flashlight so the flash (Canon 430ex) on my camera could do it’s thing…holding my breath and praying he didn’t move, I snapped the pic. I’m very happy with how it turned out. It’s just what I was in the mood for tonight, something a bit quirky.

Now, here’s where the experiment comes in. In an effort to add even more artistic appeal to the photo I desaturated the green and yellow from it, exposing those brilliant red eyes. I then asked Lara which she liked best, the original or the altered. I knew what she would say, she prefers color to black and white. She picked the original but I actually preferred the desaturated photo for some reason. I then processed one with the exposure decreased and the temperature cooled, and really liked it as well…reminds me of an alien.

I present to you, bug, for the sake of art. šŸ™‚

So, my question is, which do you prefer?

P.S. – The bug yesterday was a Clown Bug and those were her original colors…they come in all sorts of brilliant colors and can omit a bad smell if threatened. Sort of like what we call ‘stink bugs’ in the States I guess.


9 thoughts on “Day 132 – Bug Art

  1. My favourite is the original, followed by the blue coloured temp, followed by the desaturated green and yellow. Mainly because the desaturated shot makes it look like metal art, rather than something alive. But that may be the look you’re going for! Great shots Cindy, as always. KM x

  2. The first one and the blue one, for me! But they are all so beautiful, you captured and caught such a nice composition of this bug. Thank you dear Cindy, with my love, nia

  3. Even though I usually favor black and white shots, this time I vote for the original shot. I think it is because of the rich lime green color to him. His red eyes seem to show up so well against his green body!

  4. They are all great – you’re such the visionary! – and if I needed to choose one, the original would be it. You can see the red eyes clearly and there is something about that shade of green. I can’t believe you caught the bug in such a pose. You have no fear!

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