Day 129 – Relocating Matilda

This time a year ago, you wouldn’t have caught me within spitting distance of this big beauty. I’m not saying I want to hold her and let her crawl up my arm, but I’ve developed a bit of an understanding with her. A mutual agreement if you will. If she stays in her designated space, I will not swing the broom at her.

This is Matilda. She is a Dome-web Spider. I named her because she has been living by our pool fence for several weeks now. Her web was amazing, a castle in it’s own rights.

The maintenance guy came to clean our roof and gutters today. In the process of all the leaf blowing, Matilda and her web were blown down and in a complete mess between the rungs of the pool gate. I knew she’d eventually correct the mess and renovate her castle to it’s previous establishment, but honestly it was starting to look too much like a prop for a haunted house.

I gently relocated Matilda and her huge, mummy sack of prey or eggs or whatever it may be to a more appropriate location in the bush behind the house. I think she’ll be happier there.



8 thoughts on “Day 129 – Relocating Matilda

  1. You’re much braver than me. Last time I was in Australia I saw a huntsman run across the patio as we sat eating breakfast in the garden. I was in shock at the size of it (biggest spider I had ever seen outside of a glass tank), but my girlfriend’s family (and the cat) were completely nonchalant towards its presence. I think I much prefer tiny and harmless English spiders.

    Nice shot.

  2. Yikes! Sweet story. I can actually relate. As a child, I was terribly afraid of spiders. Now, I find I photograph them! I would have done the exact same thing. (I’ve been known to ‘rescue’ and ‘relocate’ various insects). How big is she?

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