Day 128 – Indecision

I suppose there are days when even a ‘real’ photographer isn’t happy with his/her photos. Today was a bit like that for me, feeling a bit underwhelmed by my photos. As a matter of fact, I really disliked this particular picture initially. I like the sky, it has that ‘moment right before a storm’ feel, as the clouds rolled in dark and fast. The rest is just a bit blah to me. The water is a murky brown, and the greenery seems ordinary.

I have finally decided there is something else about this photo that appeals to me. I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but it has something to do with the sky, trees and water creating three horizontal layers (this probably constitutes the rule of thirds).

Even though I’m not exactly sure why…I’m starting to like this photo a little more.


5 thoughts on “Day 128 – Indecision

  1. I really like this photo – it looks so green and lush, and the lighthouse type structure on the left kind looks like it is reflected in the water initially, but it isn’t. I think the sky/ clouds really balance out the greenery and it being reflected in the water. The clouds and trees seem to have taken on the same shapes… That’s my interpretation! And it’s a great photo.

  2. This photograph is moody, just like us women. You are looking at your image with a photographers eye, and that means you are looking for imperfections, thats quite natural.
    When I look at this photograph, I see a moody sky, above a beautiful scenic scene, captured perfectly. I love it, its a beauty, truly.

  3. A small part of cloud is overexposured, lost its details. And obviously the ground didn’t get enough light. I may use gradient ND filter to make the key darker and ground lighter.

  4. First off, I agree the clouds give this shot a dramatic effect. The rule of thirds is perfectly played in this shot. The tower in the lower left corner and the line of trees down the right side pull ones eyes right toward the clouds. Well done! I will often use the 48 hr rule. If I am not happy with a shot I set it aside and won’t look at it for 48 hrs. I find I then can view the shot in a different light.

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