Day 122 – A Little Survivor

Have you ever seen anything cuter? This little joey was found on a driveway down the road from us. There was no momma roo in sight and their dog was standing guard over it to keep the big birds of prey at bay. They took her to the local wildlife sanctuary in an effort to save her life.

Lucky for us, a parent of one of Lara’s students is a vet at the sanctuary. She had it swaddled in some blankets in her handbag today. I wasn’t at all concerned about getting a ‘great’ picture as I didn’t want to scare her. I simply wanted a visual memory of this little survivor.

She is apparently doing well, despite having to have a few stitches in her lip. She melted my heart when she wrapped her tiny hand around my finger. She is so very small…she doesn’t even have hair yet!


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