Day 121 – I can’t help myself

I know, I know…perhaps I am mildly obsessed with tree frogs (and every other tiny creature for that matter). Who can blame me? They’re so perfect and exotic in their own way. I feel so privileged every time I see one. We’ve seen an abundance (and by that I mean, we’ve seen them a handful of times) of them this summer, which I consider to be a good thing. I certainly don’t remember seeing this many last year.

Hopefully I can help others to appreciate that there is beauty in all creatures…not just fluffy and ‘cute’ ones.



10 thoughts on “Day 121 – I can’t help myself

  1. They are absolutely gorgeous – so well photographed! Their beauty really shines through those eyes and that froggy smile. My mum, an animal-lover, tried to smuggle a couple of frogs from QLD to Sydney on one of our road trips… She succeeded; let me into our pond… and we haven’t seen them since. She was enamoured with them, and devastated when she couldn’t find them the next day…

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