Day 115 – Midnight in the garden of…

It sounded like there was a pool party at our house and someone forgot to invite me. It was midnight-ish and all we could hear were the delightful sounds of tree frogs, as they groaned out their mating calls to one another. I love when the bush comes alive after a good rain!

I took my tiny flashlight outside to track some of the little critters I could hear happily chatting away. I’m so happy I did. There was even more going on then I ever imagined. It was pitch black, so I had to rely on my tiny flashlight, a bit of luck with my focusing depth and my speedlight. I could have spent hours, crawling around in the weeds and on the edge of the pool. I spent about 30 minutes, only stopping because not only was it too late for me to be awake (I’m getting older), but I almost put my hand on a huge huntsman.

I saw so many cool things. The large stick insect, tiny tree frogs inflating themselves, mating frogs in our pool(!), a baby water dragon sleeping in a tree, a huge tree frog (not pictured above), and spiders, to include one very large huntsman (also not pictured above).

I went to bed feeling pretty lucky.



10 thoughts on “Day 115 – Midnight in the garden of…

  1. I am waking up feeling very lucky. What spectacular pictures you captured while crashing their garden party. The two mating, looked so cute! How about the big guy all puffed up, do you think he was showing off for a mate? Love it!! Love it! Love it!

  2. So fantastic! The second last image from the bottom is really great. I remember hearing the chorus of frog croaks coming from the pond in our backyard in Sydney in summer – all the way though my bedroom window. They were a nice way to fall asleep. This post is beautiful and thank you for getting out there to take these photos for us to see! (Seriously – a huntsman!?! I would be screaming my way out of there!!!)

  3. Cindy, you are such a talented photographer! With an eye for detail like this, I just know you are going to introduce your kid/s to such amazing worlds…. in their garden and beyond. KM x

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