Day 113 – Not Your Average Family Portrait

I asked Lara before we left Brisbane, “should I bring my tripod?”.  She responded with “no, it just takes up room and you wont need it for this trip”.

We decided to have some family fun today and invite several of ourselves over for a backyard party. This is the result.

I set the camera up on a mini tripod, propped on a chair. Long story short…I needed my tripod 🙂  I know I’ve posted a similar pic to this, but each family deserves their own publication…and more importantly, it’s heaps of fun.

We’ve had a great visit…unfortunately we have to head back to Brissy tomorrow…and even more unfortunately, I have to work. Sigh.




8 thoughts on “Day 113 – Not Your Average Family Portrait

  1. The composition looks very familiar. Looks like an awesome backyard party! Very imaginative subjects too. My favorite is John with the water hose, and you hiding behind the bush…that made me giggle. How about baby oobie, wow…how he has grown. Praying for you three, for a safe trip home. Give everyone our love and well wishes…xxxooo

    • Thank you very much! It’s alot of fun, the entire family has a blast with it. They can’t always see my vision for what the final product will be until after I show them, but you should definitely give it a go!!

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