Day 110 – Playing in the rain!

Some folks believe the rain stifles the chance of having a beautiful day. I agree that there are many things that I wouldn’t want to do in the rain, however, I also think a good rain promotes natural beauty. It’s been raining non stop, NON STOP here for a couple of days.

Lara often says that I have a “boy brain”. I’m not always sure she means it endearingly, but she’s usually smiling when she says it, so I think it’s okay (boy brain logic). Today I decided to play in the rain. I figured if it wasn’t going to stop…well, if you can’t beat’m, join’m. I came back inside, soak and wet. With my soak and wet Canon 550d, complete with flash and macro lens attached. Lara immediately asked what the heck I was doing outside in the pouring rain…I was sodden. My logic? Well, who knows, I don’t want to ruin my camera…but on the off chance that I do…I’ve had my eye on a Canon 5d for months ๐Ÿ˜‰ Boy brain.

The pouring rain allowed me the chance to get these rain drop splatters in the puddles. It was great fun. So worth it.




8 thoughts on “Day 110 – Playing in the rain!

  1. I love these raindrops bud!! so explosive for little things! Happy Belated Aussie day!! I hope the flooding doesn’t get worse any. How is your girl and lil Ubie? Mizz yazz!!!

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