Day 105 – She only looks psycho

Purdy hurt her back leg today…we’re absolutely clueless how she did it, but she’s limping now. She went to the park this morning, had her usual game of fetch, then came home…perfectly healthy. After a mid morning nap, she woke up hobbling.

Now…because she is such a ball player, I had a hard time keeping her calm this evening at our normal ‘ball playing time’. She stared at me. She barked at me. She stared some more. She rested her head in my lap. All the time just begging for me to get up and get her ball. As a truce, I decided to play a game of ‘no running catch’…in the house. She loved it all the same and I used the opportunity as a bit of an ‘up close game of catch’ photo op.

She looks a bit scary when she comes after her ball…but she’s as gentle as they come. My sweet girl, Purdy.


7 thoughts on “Day 105 – She only looks psycho

  1. Purdy is a sweet girl. I remember how she would come into the bedroom in the
    morning to greet me. Lay her head on the side of the bed, and just look at me with those beautiful eyes. You have captured the intensity of her passion for ball playing.

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