Day 101 – Three birds and a bug

I don’t really like spiders. Which means, my relationship with them is progressing, because I would have previously said, “I hate spiders”. I’ve developed a real appreciation for them, as well as other little bugs…thanks to my macro lens.

I find really nice spider webs to be beautiful, especially when they’re covered in morning dew. There wasn’t any dew this morning, but this little web was very nice indeed. Unfortunately the picture isn’t as great as I’d like for it to be, as the cluster of grass behind the spider is a bit distracting to my eye. I will get this picture right next time.

On another note, King Parrots ‘invaded’ us this evening. It’s not unusual for us to get several throughout the day, however, a flock of about 10 came all at once today. Again, we do occasionally get multiple parrots at once, but usually they are mostly adults, accompanied by a juvenile. This particular group was all juveniles, accompanied by one adult. I didn’t get them all in the same photo unfortunately, but here is three juveys, having a little feed.



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