Day 100 – Just ‘Ducking’ Around With Ya

I was flat out busy today…that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. Perhaps I’m suffering from a bit of guilty conscience for not going out to take a picture today. I happened upon these pics from last year as I was working on a project. I laughed all over again, looking at all those duck heads, attentively staring at Lara, because she had a bag of multigrain bread.

They almost look like they are smiling.


7 thoughts on “Day 100 – Just ‘Ducking’ Around With Ya

  1. I enjoy these pictures all over again! Hope you are not loosing your enthusiasm for that perfect shot though, it has become a daily ritual for me check your blog for those amazing, candid shots of creatures great and small. I may not speak…but I am present! Keep em’ coming!!!

    • Nope, not losing enthusiasm one bit, just was busy with my pregnant girl…getting Oobie’s room ready!! She’s in nesting mode big time. She even scrubbed walls the other day…weird. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you entertained! Love you!

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