Day 95 – Horsing around

Being back in Australia, with the sunshine, has elevated my energy levels again. We were up this morning by 5 am. After a bowl of weet-bix, we loaded the dogs up and went to our favorite little bush walking spot down the road. It’s actually not very sunny today and it did start sprinkling on us before we completed our circuit walk, but the birds singing and bugs buzzing made it impossible for it to damper my spirit.

I drove the ‘long’ (an extra 2 kms 😉 ) way home and passed these beautiful horses, just hanging out in their pasture. These guys are actually police officers, belonging to the Queensland Mounted Police. They have a training unit here in Moggill. I got out to snap some pics and they all ran over to greet me. It took me by surprise at first and I took a few steps back…after catching my breath I realized they just wanted a pat on the snout, and they were more than happy to pose for some pics to express their gratitude.

I apologize for the abundance of horse pics today, but I found it impossible to pick my favorite. These beautiful creatures all deserve a cameo in my opinion.


7 thoughts on “Day 95 – Horsing around

  1. They are beautiful shots Cindy….I have a new love and respect for horses after seeing the movie Warhorse and the Australian Story about the woman who trained the horse that starred in it…
    In your shots you can nearly see their souls through their eyes…you have a gift…

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