Day 74 – King George

This is George. He lives with my parents, but was originally rescued by me in the mountains of the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. I found him one day as I was hiking, straight up a tree…he was likely abandoned by an unfit owner. He had the biggest paws and the most striking green eyes I’d ever seen. Of course I had to keep him. I brought George to Kentucky with me to live and as I was carrying him into the house, he got scared and ran off. Despite our best efforts to find him, he disappeared. About six weeks later, as I was driving down the road, several miles from the house, I saw George running through a field. I immediately pulled over and started yelling his name. He came running and meowing straight to me!!! I couldn’t believe it. He was so happy and desperate for affection…

George is now well fed (aka:fat) and happier than he’s ever been. A happy ending.


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