Day 70 – Gangster Squad

As of today at noon, our luggage had not found us. We decided to venture out anyway. Lara wore the new clothes she bought the night before, I wore my same grotty sweats for the third day in a row.
We decided to walk to the nearest bus stop and take the public bus (an experience in itself) to Santa Monica Pier. From that point we hopped a ‘tourist’ bus and took the scenic route past UCLA, through Beverly Hills, down Melrose Ave and eventually into Hollywood. We ate dinner and walked around, doing the usual sight seeing. By this time it was well into the night and people of all sorts had found their way to the streets.
Hollywood Blvd was actually shut down for most of the block in front of the Chinese Theater for a movie shoot. They were filming Gangster Squad, a movie coming out next year about the Mafia in the 40s and 50s, starring Sean Penn and Ryan Gosling. I didn’t see them, but I did take a couple of pics (including this one)
from the set.
We were left to our own devices to find our way back to the hotel, a story in itself. However, we made it safely, and was happily reunited with our long lost luggage upon arrival.


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