Day 69 – ‘Welcome Home’

Arrived into L.A. this morning after the long flight from Sydney. At least we had emergency row seats on the airbus, so leg room was not an issue. Clearing Customs was so surreal and they ALWAYS say “welcome home”, like I’ve been to war or something…

L.A. is not ‘home’, but familiarity consumes me with the smells, sights and sounds…Kentucky is so close now.

Our baggage, however, is still in Australia. We’re told it will catch up to us tomorrow morning and be delivered to us at our hotel. Until then we have to wear the same travel suits we’ve had on for over 24 hours now…thankfully one of our air hostesses hooked us up with first class “goody bags” in flight (had no idea at this point that our luggage was not on-board), so we at least have deoderant, toothpaste/toothbrush, lotion and a few other things to make us feel human again.

Anyone who’s done any long haul traveling knows that how important it is to sync your sleep pattern as soon as possible. So after a short 3 hour nap, we went out for a sight see and a bite to eat (a slice of New York Style Pizza)…and a little shopping by Lara. She will officially have clean clothes for tomorrow, no matter what.

I love Australia, but I sure do LOVE coming home.


10 thoughts on “Day 69 – ‘Welcome Home’

  1. You are right L.A. is not home…but excited to have you closer. Tommorrow can’t come soon enough. The weather has turned a little nippy here…so enjoy the L.A. weather. Just a gradual transition to prep you for home. Soooooo excited!!!!!!
    Travel safe…see you soon…love you!!!

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